Immunity Booster Carnigluta

Boosting our immunity during the times of seasonal infections and coronavirus is most important. Sometimes it’s hard for you to get out of bed in the morning. Your workout isn’t what it used to be and the most appealing thing in the world to you is your bed—or your couch when you can’t even make it to your bedroom to conk out.

Some of it is due to age or due to hectic lifestyle. Chances are there are probably many things you’re doing, or not doing, that is leading to decreased energy.

Why immunity booster is important?

Immunity boosters help us by creating a barrier that protects our body from the attacks of harmful germs, viruses, and chronic illness. It also boosts our energy, improves digestion, and gives nutrients to the body. A strong immune system helps in fighting many illnesses.

Carnigluta is the best immunity booster drink, which helps your immune systemto fight against coronaviruses and other seasonal flu. It contains Vitashine D3.


  • It manages the metabolism process in the body.
  • Help in sports and exercise performance.
  • Regulate blood pressure levels.
  • Improve stamina.
  • Support muscle recovery and enhance overall performance.
  • Help fight back against viruses.

Directions to use:

Drop the tablet in approx 200ml water.
Wait till the effervescent dissolve completely (~ 2 min).
Relish the tangy orange taste.


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